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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Izzo Kicks His Players Out of New Locker Room for Loss

In case you missed it over the weekend, Michigan State lost an exhibition game to Grand Valley State. Now exhibitions are supposed to be games that your team dominates and “exhibits” the talent on the team. Not the case with Michigan State. As you may have guessed, coach Tom Izzo did not take to the loss too well.

After the loss, Izzo decided to temporarily kick the players out of their brand-new locker room. Members of the media got to see the Spartans’ new digs after the game and they look better than some NBA locker rooms, complete with comfortable couches, a high-tech television with a video-game system and a kitchen area.

“I just look at that as, you earn the right to have something that nice, and we didn’t earn the right,” Izzo said. “I just said that, make sure that everything including the toothbrushes are out of there.”

Over the last few days, players have dressed in the weight room, or in hallways. Izzo said he’ll decide when to let them back in based on their practice or game-time performance.

That is some effed up crap right there. Wonder if any stragglers are going to complain about sexual harassment in the halls. I have to say however, that I love Izzo’s attitude here. If there was any question as to why Izzo’s teams are so successful year in and year out, I think we just answered it.

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