Tony Parker is homesick, seems eager to leave UCLA

tony-parker-uclaTony Parker was part of the incoming class of freshmen that were supposed to lead UCLA to instant success. While the 9-3 Bruins have had moderate success, Parker has started out his career looking like a bust.

The 6-foot-9 big man from Atlanta has only averaged 3.3 points in 8.6 minutes per game this season. Over the holidays, he began showing signs of his unhappiness in Westwood.

Parker sent a cryptic tweet that made it seem like he regretted going to UCLA:

Then he sent this message on Christmas:

And then this one:

We don’t know what days Parker was counting down to, but it certainly seems like something related to leaving UCLA.

According to the Los Angeles Times’ Diane Pucin, Parker said after practice Thursday that he planned on playing out the season with UCLA, but he made no promises about next season. He also reportedly did not regret his tweets.

“Not at all,” Parker said, per Pucin. “I was homesick. Those were my feelings.”

It sure sounds like Parker will be the next prominent athlete to leave coach Ben Howland’s program unless things change.

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  • toreyj

     I’m not one bit surprised at the situation Tony Parker finds himself in. He was a very undisciplined player at Miller Grove who stayed in foul trouble when he played against other bigs. Unfortunately, Miller Grove coach Sharman White allowed his team to act unprofessionally most nights and now you see the immature and undisciplined aspects of Tony Parker. I never understood why he was so highly recruited when he couldn’t get his shot off over other talented bigs in Dekalb County and he always resorted to lazy fouls out of frustration. At Duke he would come off the bench, at GT he would come off the bench, but at Ga Bulldogs there may be a possibility to start until they recruit a true big and you’re back to the same issue. TP is just not a top player. He’s definitely not explosive off the floor. If he decides to leave UCLA, he’ll figure out very quickly that he’s no more than a B- player that will have to compete for playing time anywhere he goes in D1. Making the pros is out of the question.