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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Video: Jim Calhoun Owns Reporter Questioning the Coach’s Salary

A dumbass “activist” (read: pussy) tried to go all Wall Street Journal on UCONN head coach Jim Calhoun as if Calhoun were the CEO of a Wall Street firm taking money from TARP only to spend it on private jets and executive bonuses. This clown, whose name I won’t mention because I don’t want him to get the credit for his idiotic actions, decided a postgame press conference would be the perfect stage to grill Jim over his supposed $1.6 million salary from the University of Connecticut — a public institution. The following exchange ensued:

First of all, that’s not the place to do what he did, and with a photographer’s credentials, the reporter shouldn’t have been asking any questions. Second of all, as Calhoun says, the basketball program generates revenue for the university, meaning the school doesn’t require as much funding by the state government thanks to Calhoun. The $12 million the program brings in (and I’m trusting Calhoun’s figure there) goes to pay for other athletic programs and other ventures around campus, and helps keep tuition costs down. Seems like that’s all positive to me. If this reporter has a problem with the state’s debt, why doesn’t he go after the people taking loans through the state’s CHESLA program and see how many of them are getting 4.0 GPAs in school? Most of them aren’t getting their money’s worth, but Calhoun certainly is giving the school and the fans their’s.

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