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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Adam James Caught a Touchdown Pass for Texas Tech

Texas Tech wide receiver Adam James entered his team’s fifth game of the season with the same stats on the year as me or you. He finished the 45-40 loss to Texas A&M with four catches for 28 yards. Oh yeah, he also caught his first touchdown since the Red Raiders’ first game of the 2009 season.

So who is Adam James and why are we making a big deal out of a guy who has four catches on the season? Well, you may remember him because he’s the son of former SMU legend and current ESPN broadcaster, Craig James.

It was Mike Leach’s alleged treatment of young Adam that supposedly got the former Texas Tech coach into trouble with the school, leading to his firing. Later on, it was revealed that Adam did not want Leach fired, and that he found the incident to be funny.

Leach recently provided a scouting report of James:

“Our staff thoroughly researched whether Adam James had any other scholarship offers. We didn’t find any. We offered him a grayshirt, which meant that his scholarship wouldn’t go into effect until January. He needed as much time as he could to develop. He was the last guy we signed in that recruiting class.

The thing about it is, Adam was big enough and moved decently. He was not fast, but he had pretty good hands. He could’ve fit into the role of tight end for us, but because he didn’t work hard he was only marginally effective.”

No catches the first three games, and then four catches and a touchdown finally in the fifth game. That sounds about right. Now in his senior season, you have to figure James could have done more if he had worked harder.

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