Arkansas reportedly pursuing Les Miles as coach, made him huge offer

Arkansas reportedly is aiming very high in its pursuit of a new head football coach, and reportedly has made a huge offer to LSU coach Les Miles.

Our friend Sports by Brooks reported the news over Twitter on Tuesday that Arkansas has made a five-year, $27.5 million deal to Miles.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune confirmed that Miles has an offer from Arkansas. They also reported that Miles is meeting with the Arkansas athletic director.

LSU’s sports information director says Miles was shown Brooks’ report “and he didn’t have anything to say.”

Miles currently makes $3.75 million per season, not including bonuses. He has the Tigers at 10-2 this season and ranked No. 7 in the BCS standings. Miles has gone 85-20 over eight seasons as head coach of the Tigers. He has reached two BCS National Championship games and won one.

Miles could very well be talking with Arkansas to gain leverage in discussions with LSU. Smart Football believes he may be trying to leverage LSU into paying his coaching staff more money. Miles was also pursued by Michigan in 2011 but reportedly turned down offers for a pay raise on two occasions.

Arkansas has one of the most passionate fan bases in college football, so I don’t doubt that they are willing to pay Miles that kind of money. Truthfully, this sort of money would make almost any college football coach seriously consider a move.

UPDATE: Miles will receive a contract extension and raise to remain at LSU. He confirmed he spoke with Arkansas about their vacancy.

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  • disqus_rR2QHNOIw1

    Hope he does go.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3LVRATW56BVKXYTF34CQSSCC3Q Chris W

    This is ridiculous. Ten other sites are saying this is all false. Check your sources. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RMVNXMAYR57I47EJNKHXHZRFGY Timmaaay!

    So much for so little.

  • JamesT32

    Don’t see Miles bolting LSU for Arkansas as opposed to trying to squeeze the Bengal hierarchy for a little more cash perhaps, but who knows, these kinds of situations often take strange turns before they’re done.  As for any of you clowns who don’t think Miles is an elite coach or that the 85-20 he’s put up in eight years in Baton Rouge is somehow no big deal or somehing anyone could have done all I’ll say is that you need to get a clue, simple as that.

  • David Oliver

    A million here , a million there…NONSENSE 

  • JamesT32

    Why nonsense? Bet you wouldn’t say that if anyone was willing to hand YOU an extra million for whatever it is you waste your day toiling at. What transpired in this situation is simply the reality of being an elite Division I college football coach and having your services be in high demand. Get used to it even if it irks you and keep dumb, largely irrelevant comments to yourself in future, thanks.