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Monday, March 30, 2015

Auburn Fans Turn Casket into Tailgating Grill (Pictures)

As if we needed further proof that Auburn fans are special — oftentimes disturbing — people.  The one thing we can say about this stunt is that it appears to be harmless.  Unless a dead body was removed from the casket and the casket was turned into a grill, these Auburn fans are not hurting anyone.  Let’s just say it’s a step up from plotting car crashes against Alabama players.  Check out this Auburn casket tailgating grill, courtesy of Kegs ‘N Eggs:

Looks like they have it all covered there — cooler on one side, grill on the other.  When you look at what these Columbian soccer fans did with a casket it kind of puts this whole thing into perspective.  The Tiger fans are just using their heads.

Chest bump to the War Eagle Reader for the pictures.

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