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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Denard Robinson’s Daily Life Includes Getting ‘Text Me’ Notes from Girls

An excerpt from a new book on Michigan football was published in the Wall Street Journal Friday. The excerpt follows a day in the life of star quarterback Denard Robinson. The book’s author tags along with Robinson during the season and writes about the QB receiving treatment for an injury, attending class, practicing, and speaking with the media. It’s a good look at the typical day for a high-profile player like Denard, but the best part was highlighted by Glenn Davis at Sports Grid.

While Robinson packed his things to [leave class], a female student slipped him a small, handwritten note, which he tucked away.

He walked with [backup quarterback Devin] Gardner and receiver Kelvin Grady across campus for lunch. He peaked at the note: “For your eyes only,” written in purple ink. “You seem like a really nice guy and I think it’d be cool to hang out with you. And no, I’m not a creepy stalker! Text me some time.”

Now that’s the life of a star quarterback. Robinson says people who think he has it great don’t see the long hours he works in the trainer’s room and on the practice field. He’s right; we don’t. But I also don’t recall getting many of those types of notes during my college days. Robinson may not have it easy, but there are some nice perks of the job. Oh, and is there any wonder why he got his Twitter account hacked after reading that?

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