Gene Chizik on Cam Newton Recruitment: We Sold Him on Auburn

ESPN Films aired its special on the Auburn-Alabama college football rivalry Tuesday. The film, titled Roll Tide War Eagle, discussed the hate between the two schools and its fan bases. It specifically covered the past two college football seasons, one won by each of the schools.

During the documentary, Auburn coach Gene Chizik explains how he was able to land eventual Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton.

“In our recruitment of Cam Newton, we sold our offense. We sold Auburn,” Chizik said. “And we told him that ‘If you’ll just follow this plan, we feel like we can make all your dreams come true.’ And he went with it.”

Chizik’s explanation is comical for two reasons, both of which should be apparent.

First off, Chizik’s word choice was curious. If anyone was being sold between Cam Newton and Auburn, it was Cam, by his father, for the alleged price of $180,000. Secondly, do we really believe that Cam chose Auburn because he believed in their offensive system? Or is it because he went to the highest bidder, as was alleged?

Interesting and ironic choice of words for Chizik. Why bring up bad memories and old controversies if you don’t have to?

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  • Alexandra Silansky

    really? still dwelling on your hopes and dreams aren’t you?  surely Cam’s interest in AU wasn’t because of the high power offense that fits him to a T, or the best O-line in the country to protect him.  If he is as ‘self centered’ as all you cam haters proclaim, coming to auburn is a no brainer for him- he gets to be the center of attention in the offense and no one can touch him because of the beastly O-line.  But, keep on pedaling the ‘auburn must have paid’ crap, because obviously it generates readers, and your small brain is too underdeveloped to come up with anything else…

  • http://twitter.com/CameronNewton87 Cameron Newton

    I do not approve of this article.

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid. Does this idiot know more than the NCAA?