Georgia Regrets Scheduling Boise State, Thought Kellen Moore Graduated

College football teams schedule their non-conference games with one of two goals in mind: to pick up an easy win or build their strength of schedule.  By scheduling Boise State as one of their non-conference opponents, Georgia was hoping to give themselves an opponent that would demand national attention but was also beatable. According to Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt, that was before Georgia knew Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore was sticking around.

On Friday, Deadspin passed along an interview between Richt and WCNN in Atlanta from Sports Radio Interviews.  Here is what the Georgia coach had to say when asked about scheduling the Broncos.

“[The athletic director] came to me with that and he was like, ‘Well, that quarterback’s a senior and he’s leaving.’ I really didn’t look at it. I knew that he had been there a long enough time that he was probably on the way out. After we signed on the dotted line, then I went and looked at the depth chart and realized he was still there. Then I was hoping he would turn pro early and he didn’t do that.”

Richt has every right to be concerned about Moore, who has been an absolute monster over the past couple seasons.  He has thrived in the Broncos’ system to the tune of 39 touchdowns and three interceptions in 2009 and 35 touchdowns and six interceptions last season.  Joining the Mountain West and not wearing blue uniforms at home could hurt his production a little, but Moore is as legit a college signal-caller as they come.  Next time the Bulldogs will do their homework.

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  • Just call me PB.

    Doesn’t Mark Richt do a great job on summing up the problem with College football and the Bowl Crap System?  

    Someone should write an article especially since now, a SEC head coach is admitting the only reason most schools schedule a team like Boise is either A: They are like a Oregon St. and a loss to Boise doesn’t change anything (a win against Boise will dismiss Boise from ever a BCS bowl game that season).  B: VT had to be coaxed into playing with big money from ESPN encouragement and VT more than money needed a big-time win OOC to prove their worth (just think, if VT had won, they with high probability would have smashed JMU and went on to go undefeated and very possibly into a Nation Champ game.)  C:  Are on the decline and need a big-time boost and Boise can do that with media, hype, etc…… and a win against Boise gives a declining team what they need.  

    Mark Richt only scheduled this game out of necessity, it’s a shame this system is so corrupt.  Boise beats these team every year, Oregon twice, VT, and those teams still get to go to BCS bowl games.  It’s a crock. Someone should write an article…this would be a great time…… hint hint……

  • Anonymous

    Georgia fan my whole life, but strangely find myself rooting for Boise.  Kinda like the underdog / American dream thing that Boise inspires.

  • Anonymous

    Coach Richt said that “tongue in cheek”. How this got legs is ridiculous. Georgia could care less
    if Kellen Moore is back as quarterback. Coach Richt said that when members of the athletic department
    were making the rounds visiting the Bulldog clubs in the state. I suspect Moore is going to have a hard  time throwing the ball if he’s laying on his back.Georgia’s defensive line outweighs Boise’s offensive line
    by over 50 pounds.Georgia will wear Boise down and I’m a Georgia Tech fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Sullivan/1149954385 Richard Sullivan

    Boise will roll Georgia.  Georgia fans and SEC fans will still think Georgia is better.

  • http://twitter.com/C_P0 Cory Powers

    Stupid Article, Richt was joking around. Seve quit writting and go DJ with your nephew. LOL

  • Anonymous

    That would be kind of weird if my nephew was older than me

  • http://www.facebook.com/bret.vanarsdale Bret C Van Arsdale

    I hate GA, but I hope and pray they kick the BlueBoys all the way home !

  • mywoods04

    Well goldwreck keep flappin your lips!All of the jack _ss talking heads on tv said the same last year!Except that our defensive line was too small and by the fourth quarter VT offensive line would have their way with us…. News Flash that didnt happen! We lead the nation in sacks last year and the #2 defense in all other categories Tcu was #1. So keep talking this is not the same bronco team you beat years ago! And if all of you chumps think your all that why dont you come to our neck of the woods to play! Every year we have to fly across the country just to beat you down and come home the victor!  You queens would never have enough balls to play us on our home field!  SUCK IT!!