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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Honey Badger Would Be On Board with Tim Tebow if He Beats the Patriots

Brace yourselves.  It is very possible that worlds — actually universes — could collide in just a couple of short days.  An argument could be made that Tim Tebow and Tyrann Mathieu have been the biggest names in sports over the last several months.  Tebow obviously gets the nod over Mathieu in the sense that he is far more than just a sports icon, but the Honey Badger isn’t far behind.  Can you imagine what could happen if the two were to combine forces?  Check out this awesomely frightening tweet that the Honey Badger sent out on Friday.

The Honey Badger on Tim Tebow’s bandwagon would create an unstoppable force for the entire sports world to deal with.  Camera lenses would be shattering across the country.  ESPN’s computers would be crashing at the notion of having the two names on the same Sportscenter graphic.  The sophomore phenom who takes whatever he wants, when he wants it and the Denver quarterback who comes up during Republican debates on the same bandwagon?  Part of me actually wants the Patriots to lose.

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