Jacory Harris Jacked Up By Virginia’s John-Kevin Dolce (Video)

A few weeks ago, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck enlightened us by demonstrating how a quarterback delivers a thunderous hit after a turnover.  On Saturday, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris reminded us that that’s usually not the way it goes.  The guy throwing the ball is usually taking the beating, not dishing it out.  Harris left Miami’s game against Virginia on Saturday and didn’t return after being lit up by Virginia defensive tackle John-Kevin Dolce.  The best part about the hit is that it was hard, but clean.  That’s almost impossible to pull off with all the rules that protect quarterbacks these days, so defensive players should take some notes from Dolce on how to throw a big hit on the quarterback and not draw a flag.  Check out the video of Jacory Harris getting jacked up by John-Kevin Dolce:

Video Credit: YouTube user 300mckenzie

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  • Gene

    What made Luck’s hit even more special was that it wasn’t after his turnover. It was after a fumble by a Stanford running back.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s what Hurricanes fans need to get him off the field, then I will take the loss. Morris didnt look awful. It’s time to scramble to find the best juco QB in the country to lead THE U next year.

    Taco Bell, Jacory should be available for weekend shifts once he can open his eyes again.