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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Jerry Sandusky New Victims Accuse Him of Forcing Anal and Oral Sex

Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorney said his client may have to think about a guilty plea depending on the amount of charges he faces. Looks like it’s time to consider such a decision.

A second presentment was released by the grand jury Wednesday that details sexual abuse charges from two new victims (PDF link).

Victim 9 is listed as an 18-year-old who met Sandusky through The Second Mile when he was 11 or 12. Sandusky expressed interest in spending time with the victim and got his phone number to make arrangements. Sandusky took him to Penn State games, and provided him with money and gifts.

The victim says Sandusky built his way into eventual sexual assaults by starting with touching, tickling, and cuddling. The victim says he stayed over at Sandusky’s house and was always forced to remain in the basement. There, Sandusky forced the victim to give him oral sex. He also tried to force anal sex on several occasions. The victim says he screamed for help one time while Sandusky’s wife was at home, but nothing happened.

The victim says Sandusky forced further sexual abuse at a hotel in the Penn State area. He says Sandusky told him he loved him.

Victim 10 tells a similar story.

This young man was referred to The Second Mile because of his troubled background. He says he attended many Penn State games and tailgates with Sandusky. Though he never spent the night at the Sanduskys’ house, he did spend time there.

Victim 10 says Jerry Sandusky initiated sexual contact through wrestling. While they were wrestling, Sandusky pulled the boy’s shorts down and performed oral sex on him. He did that repeatedly, and later asked the boy to do the same for him. The boy says Sandusky inappropriately touched him in a swimming pool several times. He says Sandusky bought him gifts including clothes and frequently told him that he loved him.

Victim 10 tried to end his contact with Sandusky after being asked to perform oral sex while Sandusky was driving.

I wonder how anyone can deny allegations at this point. When this many victims accuse a man of all this sexual abuse — all of whom are telling similar stories — the case seems to go beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s awful to think about how many children could have been saved had someone at Penn State, The Second Mile, or in the police stopped Sandusky sooner.

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