Johnny Manziel plays golf at Pebble Beach, hears it from critics

Johnny Manziel Pebble Beach

Johnny Manziel’s dream offseason continued this weekend. The Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner tweeted on Saturday to say that he was at Pebble Beach playing golf with his family.

Manziel has not been shy about sharing all the amazing things he has done. He tweets pictures when he’s at big-time NBA or MLB games, and he’s gone on vacations to Mexico, New Orleans, and Toronto in recent months. The lavish lifestyle has led to many people questioning how he is able to afford all the luxuries despite being a college student. Others have wondered how he even has time to be a student with all the fun things he seems to be doing.

Manziel responded to some of the criticism he heard over Twitter after tweeting about his golfing exploits:

Credit to Manziel for breaking 80 at Pebble — he said he birdied 18 to shoot a 79. How about that? He’s pretty good at two sports.

Photo credit: Twitter/Johnny Manziel

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  • joel

    It’s not an NCAA violation to have wealthy parents

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Try telling that to his jealous Twitter followers.

  • SherylSimpson

    it’s not an NCAA violation to have rich parents, but it’s not very good leadership to constantly make a distraction of yourself and separate yourself from your team. a LOT of those young men who Johnny Scramble is supposed to be leading very much DON’T have wealthy families. his lack of perspective in this regard is regrettable at best and detrimental to his team at worst. he comes off as a spoiled, immature look-at-me rich kid, regardless of how many charity event they trot him out to in between items on his self-indulgent bucket list.

  • blake cessory

    When you’re on top some people only have an interest in knocking you down.