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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jordan Jefferson blames playcalling, lack of adjustments for LSU’s poor showing vs. Alabama

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson had a miserable showing in the National Championship Game against Alabama. The senior went 11/17 for 53 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. The team amassed just five first downs and fewer than 100 total yards in the 21-0 loss. There were cries for Jarrett Lee to replace Jefferson at quarterback.

So what does Jefferson think went wrong? He shared his opinion during an interview on WCNN in Atlanta.

“I think we should’ve spread them out a little bit more, put the ball in different passing areas, use our talent on the receiving side,” Jefferson said. “We had that in as far as play-calling, we just didn’t get to it. It’s a learning situation for us, a learning situation for the LSU football team and I definitely expect to see us back in the championship next year.

“We have great guys in those areas and sometimes we just wonder why we don’t use those guys. But we’re not the one calling the plays. We still have to go out and execute what the coaches and coordinators are calling. We can’t complain as players, but sometimes we do question that.”

Jefferson also says the team failed to make any halftime adjustments.

“Yeah, when we came in at halftime we discussed what we needed to do different as far as moving the ball and getting in a rhythm. … You have to have certain plays for these certain types of defenses they were running. We talked about making the adjustment and the adjustment that we made wasn’t the adjustment that we needed to make to get the momentum and the rhythm going.”

Jefferson did say he had the ability to change the plays in situations. If that’s the case, why didn’t he step up and voice his opinion more? Isn’t that what a smart player and a good leader does? I think it’s weak to blame the playcalling for such a poor showing by the team. LSU was completely outcoached by Alabama, but it’s pretty obvious their offense was also overmatched. Jefferson played poorly and that’s on him.

I guess this makes two LSU quarterbacks who were frustrated by the way the game went.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the transcription, H/T Evan Silva

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