Lindsey Duke receiving Katherine Webb-like attention

Lindsey Duke

While the NFL scouts are heading to the Fiesta Bowl to watch Blake Bortles, the eyes of everyone else will be on Lindsey Duke, who is the girlfriend of the Central Florida quarterback.

Duke, who turned 22 in November, has received plenty of notoriety throughout the college football season. She began receiving attention around the time the college football season began, and her popularity continued to grow throughout the season, especially as UCF/Bortles enjoyed more and more success.

Duke, a UCF student set to graduate this year, first hit the big time when she posed for aXis Magazine in August.

Duke and Bortles have dated since high school. They went to prom together, and then college at UCF. Lest you think Duke is some sort of golddigger, she remained with Bortles during his redshirt freshman year and has been with him throughout his time before he became well known.

What’s funny is that much like AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb, the girlfriend has become more famous than the athlete.

“She’s way more famous than I am,” Bortles admitted to the media this week prior to his bowl game.

ESPN even did a segment on Lindsey Duke and Bortles laughed about how famous his girlfriend is (if you look carefully, you’ll see my mug on the screen!):

“Apparently she is more of a household name than I am. She’s more famous than me and there is nothing I can do about that,” Bortles says in the ESPN feature.

UCF coach George O’Leary hilariously adds that Duke deserves “six million Googles.”

Lindsey Duke

Blake Bortles girlfriend Lindsey Duke

Bortles has been with Duke even throughout changing hair colors. Two years ago, Duke was a brunette:

Blake Bortles Lindsey Duke

She looks great either way, but we prefer her as a blonde.

Blake Bortles Lindsey Duke

Lindsey Duke

Lindsey Duke bikini

The only question is wills he begin to receive modeling and TV offers like Katherine Webb after being shown all over national TV during the bowl game? If you ask us, she sure deserves it.


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  • Irwin M. Fletcher

    I wonder if ESPN got into her DUI arrest a couple of months ago……..maybe, maybe not. I don’t seem to see it being mentioned in any of these articles about her.


    Dudes be losing their minds over generic white chicks….lmaooooo

  • Chad Burke

    Was he with her through the boob job too? Average Florida bottle blonde skank compared to Webb.

  • Calken54

    Not even close Katherine wouldn’t have her tits hanging out.

  • Charles Leon Webb

    Can’t hold a light to Katherine.

  • BorisBulldog

    OMG, Blake Bortles going with the Andrew Luck neck beard?

  • BorisBulldog

    Webb’s pretty much a skank herself.
    Unless of course you think she’s dating AJ McCarron for his intelligence?

  • Yoji Endo

    She would be average without the big rack