Mission Get Attention Worked Perfectly for Wisconsin Against Indiana

Wisconsin turned heads on Saturday putting up 83 points against Indiana at Camp Randall Stadium. The 83 points was the most a Division I team had scored all season, and it was more than the basketball team had scored in all but three of its games last year. Minnesota coach Tim Brewster had called Wisconsin coach Bret Bielama out earlier in the year for running up the score but this time Indiana coach Bill Lynch did not outwardly object. Maybe it’s because he understood why Bielama did it. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t feel like teams need mercy.

Normally I can’t stand seeing teams run up the score against opponents, but I know exactly why Wisconsin did it and it makes sense. They were ranked 6th in the AP Poll, 5th in the USA Today poll, and 7th in the BCS. They honestly feel like a forgotten team in the BCS race, and they’re not even a glamorous team in their conference — Ohio State is. But with the 83-20 win over Indiana, they grabbed everyone’s attention and made a statement: we can do whatever we want on the field, including scoring touchdowns on 10 of 12 possessions and field goals on the other two.

Wisconsin had a purpose on Saturday and that was to gain attention. It just so happens Indiana was the victim. The BCS computers don’t really factor score and margin of victory into their computations, but human voters and BCS bowl officials had to have noticed the 83 points the Badgers threw up. How could you not?

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Morry Gash

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  • Gene

    They did not have to do anything like that. It was a real farce when you consider that they scored most of their points in the second half, long after the game was already decided. They are not a forgotten team. I believe LSU is the only one loss team ahead of them in the polls. Your so-called glamor team, Ohio State is two spots below.

    Bottom line is that they should have played better when they faced Michigan State at East Lansing. I doubt that they could beat either Stanford or LSU. It was a blatant example of poor sportsmanship, pure and simple.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They got people talking about them on a national stage which I think was their goal. It would be nice if we could see them against Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

  • Gene

    So did Cal, but neither was for an act of good sportsmanship. People would have talked about the Badger win over Indiana if the final score were 76-20. There was no need to throw a long bomb in the closing minutes at that point.

    I recall Nebraska throwing a long TD pass when they led Arizona State 70-28 in 1995. ASU got payback when the Huskers opened the 1996 season by being blanked 19-0 by Jake Plummer and the Sun Devils. I hope that Wisconsin and their coach gets theirs somewhere along the line.