Mo Isom cut in attempt to become LSU’s first female football player

Mo Isom was notified on Friday that she was cut in her attempt to become a kicker on LSU’s football team, but she gained recognition for trying to become the first female to play football for the school despite failing to reach her goal.

Isom, who played four seasons as a goalie on the LSU women’s soccer team and was also the school’s homecoming queen, began working with the football team on kicking last September. She tried out for the team in the spring, and was asked to come back in the fall. Although she was able to boot some 50-yard field goals, her position on the team’s kicking depth chart was too low to justify a roster spot, according to coach Les Miles.

“We had a short meeting today,” Miles said Friday, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “(She’s a) real quality person, the right style of athlete to come in after four years of playing to be a part. Frankly, she kicked well. The good news is our top three field goal and extra point people are really, really strong.

“She wanted this to be done right. She competed well and she’s a great person. It was heartfelt for her not to be with us and I appreciated it. She got serious consideration. Mo being a very good kicker, she would be fourth or fifth behind our guys.”

Miles believes Isom had the talent to kick for a college team despite not making LSU’s team.

The young lady has maintained a positive attitude since failing to make the team. She tweeted the following note on Friday:

Isom graduated in December and was enrolled in a masters program for eligibility purposes in case she made the team. The Times-Picayune says Isom is expected to withdraw from the program and pursue opportunities as a motivational speaker.

Photo via Mo Isom/Twitter

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TT5LS5HDGVRN3RN2PI2ZYNIJHE davidg32

    You have to be proud of both Mo Isom and
    LSU for the way this went:
    She got a tryout with an honest chance to make the team. When she fell just short, she was cut…like any other player who tried out and didn’t make it. LSU treated her like an ATHLETE, in other words, and not like a PR stunt. If they had kept her
    on the team as a novelty, symbolically patting her hand and saying
    “Look, everybody…we got a GIRL on the team!” it would have been the most
    patronizing thing they could have done. 
    Good job Mo for giving it everything you had, and good job Coach Miles for respecting her enough to treat her like any other player.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KPDGXXWHF2J7M7NGTFEBFHRBJY Michael

    Tell Mo She’s the BEST!!
    Don’t stop. The first woman pro.
    football player is where she’ll be.