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Monday, May 21, 2018

Notre Dame to Wear Ugly Shamrock Helmets Against Maryland (Picture)

In an era where ugly uniforms pop up all over the place in an attempt to make money and be unique, teams like Notre Dame remain classic for the most part.  The standard gold helmets worn by the Irish are some of the best in the country.  Teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Alabama maintain tradition through their timeless helmet designs.  Since the Irish are taking on the 2011 kings of horrible uniforms this weekend, they have decided to do their best to ruin their own.  Check out Notre Dame’s new shamrock helmet, courtesy of Kegs ‘N Eggs:

Those helmets are even worse than the ones Tulsa wore to compete with Maryland’s hideousness earlier this season.  They may be less complicated and make more sense than Tulsa’s, but why ruin a classic-looking uniform?  I guess the Terps are doing their best to bring out the ugly in everyone this season.

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