TCU Would Not Have Gone Undefeated in Pac-10 or SEC

The most prevalent argument in college football the past several years has been that a playoff is needed to determine a champion. While a four-team playoff would be ideal for me, many people don’t even realize that the BCS brought us an Oregon-Auburn title game we previously would not have been privileged to see (Oregon would have been stuck in the Rose Bowl). The game was close, and we were watching the two most deserving teams play for the championship. Unless you ask TCU fans.

When I saw the final polls released Tuesday, I thought it was a joke. TCU was second in both the AP and USA Today poll — ahead of Oregon — and they even earned a few first place votes. I ask how can that be. Do people really think TCU accomplished more than either Auburn or Oregon this season? TCU barely beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl — their most notable win — and it was by a close margin, barely different from Oregon’s loss to Auburn.

Oregon ran through everyone in the Pac-10, with their best win coming against a highly-impressive Stanford team. Their body of work was much more impressive than TCU’s, and I would definitely pick Oregon to win in a game between the two. While people cry about the lack of a playoff and how TCU was left out, I ask you a serious question: do you really think the Horned Frogs could have gone undefeated in the Pac-10 or SEC? And even though they beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, do you really think things would have been as easy in the Big Ten? Stick TCU in any of those conferences and they would have lost at least one game. That would have taken them out of the national championship talk and had them grouped with all the other very good teams.

Was TCU a great team that got denied a chance of winning it all, or were they a really good team that took advantage of a favorable schedule? It was definitely the latter, and I can’t understand an argument to the contrary.

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe you can’t understand any argument contrary to yours because you haven’t seen any of the REAL analysis of TCU’s schedule. The superiority of the BCS conferences is a figment of your imagination and anybody who watched both games knows what a fraud the BCS championship game was. That you’re willing to shill for the BCS is disappointing–but not surprising.

  • http://twitter.com/TheRealLakey Cameron Lakey

    Ummm please don’t use the Pac-10 as a barometer of what is and isn’t a good conference. Oregon’s schedule was pretty bland outside of Stanford, who Oregon was fortunate enough to play at home otherwise I don’t think they would have won. So, yes, I think TCU could have gone undefeated with Oregon’s schedule. As for Auburn’s schedule, maybe TCU could have done it. But if not, what does that really say? It took more than a handful miracles of varying degrees for Auburn to go undefeated with its schedule and they could have very very easily ended up a 4-5 loss team.

    I keep hearing about what teams like TCU, Boise, and Utah can’t do, yet no one has shown up and proven it. You know, a few decades ago they said an all-black basketball team couldn’t win a national championship, how laughable is that statement now??

  • http://twitter.com/frog_law Steven Anderson

    “Stick TCU in any of those conferences and they would have lost at least one game.”

    Nice unilateral assertion. Of course, the current system is set up so that so that all we can do is advocate our subjective opinions, and you are welcome to yours. However, the fact that you can’t understand any argument to the contrary reveals your bias. TCU beat 7 bowl teams on its way to an undefeated season (not to mention the MWC was the most successful conference in its bowl games). How many bowl teams did Oregon beat with its “much more impressive body of work” (which included a loss)?

  • Anonymous

    TCU running the SEC? Who knows. Pac 10? Definitely. Pac-10 was weak this year. Get over yourself Brown. The Wisconsin game was close because Wisconsin is a tough team that would also have given Auburn or Oregon a run for their money. Pull your head out.

  • http://twitter.com/rkisok rkisok

    you get TCU an invite to either conference and we’ll see. Hell, get em a home and home with any decent team in those conferences. No takers? Just what I expected.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Oregon State was down this year and the game was in Arlington, not Corvallis in November which is a different story. Baylor was not very good. Tenn Tech is a joke. Utah, SDSU, and Air Force were OK teams but nothing special. Those schools wouldn’t be more than a game over .500 in the Pac-10, SEC, or Big Ten, at best. The only tough opponent came in the Rose Bowl, like I said.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yes, took a handful of miracles for Auburn to go undefeated with their schedule, making it all that more unlikely TCU could have come close to doing the same. Pac-10 isn’t the strongest conference in the country, but they’re full of teams that at least have a decent chance of knocking its opponent off. Oregon and Stanford were the only powerhouses, but at least Washington, Arizona, and USC were tough opponents, while ASU, and OSU are capable of knocking off a team any weekend. Same can’t be said for the rest of the MWC. That’s why TCU is leaving.

  • http://twitter.com/jbob1011 Jamie Plunkett

    How can you call Oregon State “capable of knocking off any team an weekend” in your response below and say that they were down this year in your response right here?? If they’re capable, they’re capable. And if we are going to talk about game locations, then I agree with Cameron below when he points out that Oregon played Stanford in Eugene.

    TCU isn’t allowed to schedule a 1-AA opponent? I’m sure they would have been willing to schedule a big name school, but the fact of the matter is that no one will play them. Texas Tech and Arkansas both have been pushing back home and homes with the Frogs for several years (ever since Tech lost in Ft. Worth in ’06). Oh, and Portland State looks like they were real tough competition for the Ducks.

    Another thing is, if you’re going to call Utah, SDSU and Air Force “OK teams”, then you have to say the same for Arizona and Washington. If for no other reason than Washington lost to a MWC team in BYU, and Arizona lost to a “down” Oregon State…or was that a “Capable” OSU…I’m still a little confused about that…

    We can both agree that the SEC is the best conference in the country, hands-down. Regardless of how Auburn made it through unscathed, they earned their invite. My issue is with you implying that the Pac-10 is at that same level as a conference which is completely untrue. Instead, their competition level is equal to, if not lesser than, that of the MWC.

  • http://twitter.com/frog_law Steven Anderson

    Excellent points! I particularly enjoy how he discounts TCU’s wins against the top teams in the mountain west, while holding up Washington as a tough opponent for Oregon – even after it lost to the FIFTH place MWC team.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Oregon State was down this year meaning it’s not an impressive win, but they are capable of pulling an upset any given week. Win would have been slightly more impressive if it weren’t at Cowboys Stadium.

    I’m not saying Oregon State was good this year. What I’m saying is that unlike New Mexico, UNLV, Colorado State, and Wyoming where you can just show up and win, at least Oregon State is in the group of Pac-10 teams that presents a challenge. Pac-10 only had one walkover (Washington State), with UCLA nearby.

    Arizona and Washington are OK teams just like Utah, Air Force and SDSU. But the Pac-10 had five teams in that class, the Mountain West just three. The two big differences is that there are too many easy games in the Mountain West, and there wasn’t another big challenger to TCU. If they had to play both Stanford and Oregon, they would have lost at least one game in the regular season.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PWZQZ3TA7INZDHAGQGSYKKIAIM ToddB

    PAC-10 sucked this year, and the SEC was down also. TCU beat a quality Wisconsin team, Oregon beat what ended up being crappy Arizona, USC, and their only big win against Stanford. Arizona is no better than Utah and neither is USC. So TCU beat Wisconsin and Oregon beat Stanford, OK. I knew you were a Pac-10 homer when I had to listen to you cry like a little girl over John Wooden’s death (he lived to be 99 and died peacefully, not exactly pancreatic cancer), so your self righteous Pac-10 crap is lame……Lamichael James=exposed as Meh.