Tim Brewster Pissed at Bret Bielama for Classless Two Point Conversion Attempt

The winner of the annual Minnesota-Wisconsin game receives one of the best trophies in sports — Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Minnesota coach Tim Brewster likely wanted to make good use of the axe by taking a swipe at Wisconsin coach Bret Bielama with it after the game.

In case you missed it, the Badgers beat up the Gophers 41-23 in Madison. Wisconsin had just gone up 41-16 on James White’s second touchdown run of the game. Instead of kicking the extra point, they decided to go for a two point conversion. Yes, a team up by 25 with under seven minutes left in the game decided to go for two.

Minnesota coach Tim Brewster was pissed about the decision, rightfully feeling like Bielama was trying to run up the score. Bielama explained that his coach’s chart told him to go for two when up by 25. Uhh, sure, whatever dude. A chart will tell you to go for two when you’re up by one and there’s three minutes left in a game. Any reasonable human being recognizes that going for two up 25 with seven minutes left is excessive.

As if his decision wasn’t bad enough, the Badgers were already covering the 21.5 point spread. Bielama, you’re out of excuses. Next time maybe you’ll do the right thing and kick the extra point instead. Brewster might not be there when you guys meet next year, but the players will be, and they might remember.

Photo Credit: Star Tribune

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  • Anonymous

    Shut up you whiners. “That’s not fair!”. “You scored too many points!”. “You hit me too hard!”. Go cry to your mommy–you whiney malcontents. Football is a competition. You play to win, and you also play to DOMINATE your opponent. There is nothing wrong with going for two. Heck, it’s good practice for the special teams for when they actually play a team that puts up a fight. Football is supposed to be competitive, and sometimes that means that you get your butt handed to you. It’s tough but it happens. We can’t truly expect to have these guys go out there and play but to not “play too hard”. That’s like saying, “Hey! I want to win so so bad! More than you! So you better let me win or I’ll tell on you!”. Uh, nope that’s not football. So run the score up Bob Stoops style and don’t apologize. This wasn’t even runnin. The score up. Running the score up would be 80-14. This was just a good game and they decided to test their special teams by trying two. You know, sometimes good coaches do things like that in games because the practice is good.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Dominating your opponent does not include intentionally trying to humiliate them. You’re up by four scores, kick the PAT and put some guys in that don’t get much playing time.