UCLA Completes Four Passes, Beats Oregon, Dorrell Lives, Rose Bowl Alive

A few weeks ago, I thought Dorrell had lived his last life. Apparently this cat has twenty of them. Somehow or another, the Bruins beat Oregon, eliminating the Ducks from Rose Bowl contention. UCLA completed four — count em — just four passes in the ballgame. Yikes. Luckily for UCLA, Oregon was in similar quarterback hell, alternating between second, third, and fourth stringers. So what does this all mean? In this effed up world of college football, the Bruins are still alive in the Pac-10 race. They beat USC (yes, I’m laughing to myself), while Arizona knocks off Arizona State, and they’re in the Rose Bowl. Of course, give me a 95 mph fastball and I’m in the majors, you feel?

If UCLA could win a game in which they only completed four passes, why couldn’t they do the same thing against Notre Dame? Maybe Dorrell and the Bruins’ staff wasn’t sharp enough to figure out on the fly that they should just run the ball with a fourth string quarterback rather than let them throw passes and get picked (as Mike Bellotti did). So UCLA will likely finish 6-6, ruining at least one season in the process. Callahan, Morriss, Orgeron, Carr, and Franchione are gone amongst others. Will Dorrell join the group? I think and hope so. The numbers speak for themselves. But I’ll be darned if this guy hasn’t put fans on one hell of a roller coaster ride. And damn, he sure does have far too many lives.

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  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    4 passes?? are you kidding me? and you gave the Arizona football program crap???

  • http://s2nblog.wordpress.com Signal to Noise

    UCLA can be in the Rose Bowl if they beat USC and ASU loses.

    How fucked up would that be?

  • Gene

    Dorrell must go if UCLA is to rise above mediocrity. Then, the administration must spend money for a quality coach. If Cal can find the money, so can UCLA.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    This team is not worthy of a Rose Bowl bid.

  • Gene

    The Bruins will have to buy tickets to go to the Rose Bowl in January. I am sure that USC will take no prisoners in exposing UCLA as a fraud. The Trojans have heard 13-9 jokes for a full year.

    All caring UCLA fans should be rooting for a three touchdown win by the Trojans. That should get us the new coach who can restore the program to its stature during the ’90’s.

  • http://www.UCLAradio.com The Driver

    no gene you are wrong. No Bruin fan would ever root for their team to lose that is just pathetic and everytime I see someone say that it makes me sick. I sure hope you arent a bruin fan because if so you are pathetic

  • JS


    It’s similar to the Steve Lavin days when reaching the Sweet Sixteen garnered Lavin another year, only to have the same inconsistency in the Basketball program that next season. It took an absolutely embarassing season to finally get Lavin fired, and now how much better is the Bruin program for it with Ben Howland playing not for Sweet Sixteens, but for NCAA Championships?

  • ieatboba


  • http://www.UCLAradio.com driver


    It just takes a competent AD who can see that certain on field successes do not mean a good coach. None the less, a true fan never routs for their team to lose. Thats what makes pro teams tanking games at the end of teh regular season for a better pick such a shame

  • Gene

    Driver, you are young and inexperienced. A true fan roots for what is best for his team and school in the long run. As a UCLA fan from long before you were born, I watched Bert LaBrucherie lose to USC, and that resulted in Red Sanders dominating the Trojans. Bill Barnes’ losses resulted in the hiring of Tommy Prothro, who split six games with John McKay during a strong period in USC football.

    Reader JS, a Trojan for life, rooted for UCLA to put an end to his misery by getting rid of Paul Hackett. He wound up with Pete Carroll and an annual BCS contender and New Year’s Day participant.

    I know many Ohio State fans who rooted for John Cooper to lo0se to Michigan one more time. That resulted in the hiring of Jim Tressel, and high times for Buckeye fans, including a BCS championship.

    Many Michigan fans wanted them to lose this year so that Lloyd Carr would be gone and the program would get back on at least even footing with Ohio State.

    I have no idea where you came up with “a true fan never roots for his team to lose”. Remember this all through life: “Big picture, little picture”. A true fan wants his team to be a win in the big picture.

  • Gene

    Driver, you made this personal by calling me “pathetic”. The only thing pathetic is your grammar. I’m pretty sure that you are not a UCLA graduate, with that poor grammar. If by some miracle you are, if you are the Bruin fan you prefess to be, please keep it secret.