Urban Meyer won’t use word ‘Michigan’

Not only is Ohio State referring to Michigan as “That team up North,” they’re also refusing to even say the name. New Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer is following Woody Hayes’ lead by not using the word.

“We don’t use their name,” Meyer said on the radio last week. “I’m a huge Woody Hayes guy. …

“That’s the greatest rivalry, and we will be ready for it, and our kids will have a clear understanding of what that game means.”

This is just further confirmation that Urb means business. We already knew that was the case when he flipped several recruits on signing day. The difference between him and every other new coach that talks a big game is that we know he can back it up. The Buckeyes’ Big Ten takeover is just beginning.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn right! So what if we can’t make a bowl next year, we can sure as hell ruin some other teams seasons who feasted on our misfortune. next years recruiting class will be #1

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Spin’s all in with Urb!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y7YT6NTKMJQNJLK6PPVPLAMDYY DENNY

    Brady Hoke’s been doing the same thing since taking over at Michigan a year ago. “Ohio” is what he calls them… and all of his coaches and student athletes follow suit. The only people who use the words “Ohio State” around the football team are the media members.