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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mugger Tries to Rob UFC Fighter, Ends Up in Hospital

If you’re going to pick somebody to rob, make sure it’s not an MMA expert. Otherwise you’re liable to have your face pounded like this purple-faced clown.

The dude pictured is 24-year-old Anthony Miranda. He’s already done time for two burglary cases in 2005, and he was out on parole. It’s pretty obvious the dude is an amateur, because when he’s not getting caught, he’s getting beat up.

Miranda probably figured he was going to score some cash Friday night during a routine mugging in Chicago. Yeah, one problem: the guy whose car he walked up to happened to be a UFC fighter.

Here’s apparently how the whole thing shook down.

Miranda walks up to the car and asks the intended victim — a 6’2″ 240-pound hulk named “Justin,” — if he had a light for a cigarette. Miranda then pulled out a gun, demanded Justin’s valuables, and ordered him out of the car. From there, a struggle ensued and Justin went all HAM on the robber.

From the looks of things, I’d say Justin got in a few punches to the eyes, and elbow to the nose, and probably a few knees for good measure.

Not pictured: Miranda’s ankle, which was shot when the two fought over the gun. Miranda ended up in the hospital, as you could imagine.

The police report says Justin held Anthony until police arrived. He told officers he was a UFC fighter who had military training in hostage rescue. I’d offer more commentary, but I’m off to my MMA class to learn how to be a badass.

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