Your First Billiards Doping Scandal

I’ve heard of doping in cycling, as well as steroids use in baseball and football and weight lifting, but I’ve never heard of anyone doping to improve their billiards stroke. But apparently that’s what’s going on in Germany. Steroids Nation passes along the news German billiards champ Axel Buescher has been busted for doping:

Germany’s first case of doping in billiards was announced Monday after national champion Axel Buescher tested positive for an EPO masking agent.

EPO is a blood booster most closely associated with endurance sports, such as cycling, where it has played a central role in several Tour de France scandals.

Maybe he needed some extra juice for that speed rack. Or maybe he needed a little pop on his stick to pocket a few more balls on the break. Or maybe he just couldn’t seem to perfect that jump move. Or maybe, just maybe, this is the worst doping scandal ever. Honestly, doping to improve your billiards game? What has this world come to? What’s next, juicing in bowling? Darts? Good heavens, are there no limits to the madness? David Boston would be proud.

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  • SpinMax

    EPO? WTF? I mean, what kind of desperate to you have to be to take that stuff? Steroids aren’t exactly deadly
    drugs despite what people in the media make them out to be. EPO on the other hand, is freakin dangerous!
    That’ll turn your blood to sludge and kill you. Ridiculous.

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  • hmm

    Either the dude is seriously, seriously desperate and doesn’t understand what he’s taking, or my bet, he was taking it for another reason. Highschoolers use steroids to “get big”, maybe this guy thought it would help him with something he does recreationally, or weight, or something. And, I mean, I can’t blame him for risking his career in athletics by doping for something outside of his career – who the heck would think you’d get tested in billiards? Because who the heck would dope??