Jerkoff bowler Pete Weber gets angry with crowd for moving (Video)

Pete Weber won the U.S. Open for a record fifth time in his career Sunday, and he did so in his typical jerkoff fashion. Known on tour for being rude and unlikable, Weber showed the fans what he is all about by yelling at some of them throughout the day. He got upset with some spectator(s) for moving in his peripheral vision during his semifinal match against Jason Belmonte, and he later complained about the same fan during his finals match against Mike Fagan.

Of course, this is nothing new for Weber; his most notable YouTube clip is one of him yelling at a photographer during play:

Listen here, Weber, you’re a freaking bowler. So what if a few people happen to scratch their noses or rub their pants in your peripherals? Get over it, bro. You should be happy you actually have people paying to watch you roll a ball.

His celebration after winning it all is also worth a look:

Tell me he doesn’t watch Big Ern McCracken before matches for inspiration.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-D-Stinnett/27419752 Amanda D. Stinnett

    You don’t know what was going on. Could have been someone deliberately trying to distract him. I don’t believe Weber would have been so adamant about it if not. It was a great match, and PDW showed the competition and the heckler who was boss!

  • Joseph Giampapa

    Spoken like a typical idiot who knows nothing about bowling. How can you say he’s “known on tour” for being rude and unlikable when you have absolutely no knowledge or respect for the sport? Typical moron

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7SCSYH45PSMOA57MR2WP544NQ John Stevens

    Larry, you are an ignoramus.  There was a spectator in the left gallery who was actively routing against Weber and doing things to distract him.  Whether or not you have any respect for the skill and precision to pull off a US Open win in bowling (which you clearly do not), you ought not be ranting about something you know little or nothing about nor respect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.pasnik Leo Pasnik

    I’am the first to admit I know hardly nothing about Bowling but it seems likehe did’nt throw his little hissy fit until he seen he did not knock all the pins down and left only one standing then he went on his tirade, to me this is an act of poor sportsmanship.

  • Anonymous

    im inclined to agree with leo it was only when he left a pin standing i saw it live and thought wow theese people actually pay to watch bowling and he acts like that way to grow the sport lol now people will try harder to make him snap so they can be on tv also

  • Anonymous

    The fact that we have people on here fired up and defending the sport of bowling is truly amazing.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZCVGJFXGRZ4XWLBRWTFQBTAHEA John

    larry your an idiot yourself….pdw can beat you in a match where he would bowl left handed and spot you 100 pins…..congrats again pdw !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    just shut up and bowl

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G47X2LECEPGSM6GSOOHTHQGQ2A Ben Dover

    Someone needs to bring in a fart machine….that aught to send him into a psychotic episode…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDUEZIWTAZP6Q232XSJ4IXDSBM Trend Watcher

    I was at Carolier lanes and saw the match live and in-person.  After the first time Pete yelled at someone in the side stands, I watched that area very closely when he was on the left lane.  But I never saw anyone acting out or purposefully moving to distract him.  Nor did I see anyone moving excessively.  A little lean forward, or a little nose scratch.  Nothing more.  To me, it looked like Pete was yelling at a boy of about ten or thirteen years old.  Pete yelled at that same fan five times, but never when he hit a strike.  Only when he left a ringing 10-pin.  Later, when Pete hit a key strike, he mocked the fan, saying, “That’s why you’re there, and you’re not me.”  By the end, many of us who were in the stands, who had been originally rooting for Pete, remained seated and didn’t applaud when he won.  He lost many fans yesterday.  I’m a long-time competitive bowler and I can tell you that you always see things in your periphery while bowling — other bowlers, pins exploding, etc.  In my opinion, Pete Weber acted very unprofessionally, and his antics yesterday are a black eye for professional bowling.       

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DSOEB2ZKNATEBU2XBOFG4N6C3U Rick


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDXVXTNMJIVB7PARWGOLG7KLCQ Shanel

    Each sport sets its own limits on fan movement/noise.  I don’t believe that a professional athlete in any sport isn’t keenly aware of what those limits are for their sport.  I hear Pete telling someone off camera that he’s going to want him moved the next time.  Maybe he could use a nicer tone of voice, but it’s pretty clear to me that Pete thinks his sport of bowling doesn’t allow any fan movement/noise.   If some kid in the crowd thought otherwise, it shouldn’t have taken multiple admonishments by Pete before that kid’s adult role models escorted him outside.  Isn’t that what would have happened if it’d have been a screaming child that  was distracting Pete?  I guess I sympathize with the man trying to earn a living where he only gets a few throws to win so that every throw is very important.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TTPB32ZFNNDRGYGM4C4BO4AUE4 WH

    First of all you dont have to have “respect for the sport” to comment on it and secondly how do you know that this person has “no knowledge” of the sport?  Generalizing and presuming  – t alk about “morons” – 

    I bowled for close to 25 years through YBC and Adult leagues and if youre concentrating hard enough a little distraction from the crowd shouldnt bother you at all. I bowled in many tourneys where the team/fans were chanting and screaming. Its all about focus and concentration. 

    Weber just seems pissed that he didnt get a strike and is using the fan (phantom or real) as an excuse.

  • John Daugherty

    Weber is a piece of white trash. He uses a phantom fan just to upset his opponents. A true moron. 

  • Anonymous

    PETE PDW WEBER : GREATEST BOWLER OF ALL TIME and ONE OF THE GREATEST ATHLETES EVER! WAY GO PETE!!!!  The idiot fan was purposely trying to distract him, he was saying things as well as moving. I was about to drive to carolier lanes and crack his head my myself but i though better of it because i know that Pete bowls better when he is pissed off!!! One of the greatest performances in sports history was witnessed on Sunday. The Us open is the most difficult tournament to win and Pete has won it 5 times and is the oldest to ever win. He won all 3 games witha clutch 10th frame shot. Not to mention he shot a 255 with 8 in a row the night before(next to last game) just to get to the sunday show. For those of you who know nothing about bowling, Pete had to bowl 53 games tues-sunday. There were 400 bowlers in that tournament and there was only one left standing: The Legend– PETE WEBER

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to mention that he won the US OPEN in 4 different decades 1988,1991, 2004,2007,2012

  • Dan Healy

    You don’t have to know anything about bowling to know that Pete Weber is a complete Hammer…..It looked like he was yelling at a little kid….Seems like an upstanding role model – Former Cokehead on his 3rd marriage to a woman who looked genuinely scared of him when he won…. I’d like to see that scrawny weisel on the street, I’d beat him with a rubber hose….

    Big Ern McCrackin is the greatest bowler of all time….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y3SWTAVKZPNRQQBNA2YIGPM2WI Jeff

    “One of the greatest performances in sports history was witnessed on Sunday.”

    Yeah, it ranks tight up there with Steve Young throwing six touchdown passes in the Super Bowl, Tiger Woods winning the US Open by 15 strokes, Wilt Chamberlin scoring 100 points, Christian Laettner’s last-second shot against Kentucky to win the game and complete a perfect shooting night, Hank Aaron beating Babe Ruth’s HR record, and Ali knocking out Frazier. Yeah, it would probably be next in line after those sports performances.

    In terms of greatest performances in sports history, anything related to bowling would not crack the first 5,000 spots on a list. It is bowling.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7SCSYH45PSMOA57MR2WP544NQ John Stevens

    Dude, what do you have against bowling?  Usually people like you are also snobs about golf etc. but you mentioned it above as “worthy”.  Do tell what qualifies in your world.

    Bowling is just as difficult to master as any of those sports you mentioned.  The NICEST thing about bowling is that it is also the most accessible to the masses in that just about anybody of any age can try it and do well enough to have fun and do so inexpensively.

    The fact is that PDW broke a very significant record in the sport and did so in a down-to-the-wire match.  If you didn’t actually watch it or really don’t care, why bother commenting in the first place?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harkins/100000429097379 Michael Harkins

    More Ignorant Fucks, showing how completely moronic they are.. I’m sure noone here with a negative comment even played the sport of bowling competively so has absolutley no idea how to sympathize with Pete or Understand why he is getting pissed off… First off all Bowling is a centimeter precision sport.  If you are off your mark by an inch you can miss and lose because of 1 shot.  Try putting a camera guy and a teenager 20 feet away from you while yelling things and distracting you and see how easy it is to put a ball over a 1 inch arrow 20 feet down the lane and see how it feels.  I can assure you, everyone of you here are hypcrites and I’m sure you have all felt emotion before if you have ever played a sport.  The title of this article should be “Jefkoff columnist Larry Brown writes an ignornat and biased article and shows his complete lack of knowledge about sports in general”…. Oh and by the way when someone is sitting there saying things about your dead father like this heckler was, Im sure you would just sit there and not say anything.  But unlike all of you who probably were not even at the US open like I was… I’m sure you all know and understand what happened there.  This punk kid was yelling slurs about his deceased father, who Pete was trying to surpass this match.  Show a little sympathy and compassion for people and don’t comment about something when you werent even there.  You all believe this moron Larry Brown who is a COLUMNIST, u know, the most honorable and honest people in the world LMFAO!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harkins/100000429097379 Michael Harkins

    Actually I was sitting right behind the Heckler and he was a 23-year old MAN named Jim from my Neighborhood and in my bowling league.  Pete was intitially distracted when he PURPOSELY waved his hands in Petes line of vision.  After that in was not movements but HECKLING tha annoyed Pete.  He was sitting there saying things about Petes Father and was completely out of line.  Actually I can assure you he lost no fans and If anything gained even more respect.  You obviously no nothing of bowling and connot sympathize with someone trying to earn a living throwing a ball with millimeter precision while ignorant people yell things and have a complete lack a bowling etiquette.  Im sure u couldnt possibly understand as your somment shows complete ignorance for the sport of bowling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harkins/100000429097379 Michael Harkins

    The fact that your on here commenting about bowling is truly amazing, as you ar an ignornat and biased person for a sport you know nothing about.  Why don’t you show some respect for other peoples interest and stop making yourself look dumb.  Bowling is actually one of the biggest up-and-coming sports in the world… Read the stats.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harkins/100000429097379 Michael Harkins

    Um yea of course he got made when he didnt get a strike, because if he got a strike while he was heckling that would have been sufficient enough to silence the heckler… use ur head, of course he say something after he missed the shot while the fan yelled something, because why would he say something after he just got a strike?? COme on now people, use your heads.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harkins/100000429097379 Michael Harkins

    Actually u couldnt have possibly bowled COMPETITIVLEY for 20 years and not understood Pete’s frustration.  Its obvious u are just flat out lying or just a casual bowler.  When you are bowling for thousands of dollars, I’m sure you would expect a little courtesy and etiquette when throwing shots that are wrth thousands of dollars if missed.  You are truely ignorant and not too bright.  Have some EMPATHY (you know, where u put yourself in others positions and try to understand them) LOL…. friggen idiots

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOSPJUPZTICLZOOR6I2I5MOOM4 Carmen

    Agree that this guy is an unlikable jerk.   He thinks he is the kingpin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOSPJUPZTICLZOOR6I2I5MOOM4 Carmen

    You can be a fat, drinking and smoking slob and be a bowler.  No athletic ability is necessary.  Weber is a complete jerk.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a former league bowler who once bowled with Pete Weber in a pro-am and also a professional sports photographer with 34 years of experience. Pete was polite, cordial and easy to talk to in the pro-am. In the clip where he gets upset with the photographer if you’ll listen again to the clip very closely the photographer was clicking her camera while Pete was in his approach and in the process of throwing the ball, which is a big no-no. I can hear the camera clicks so I know Pete heard them. The photographer should have waited until Pete released the ball before clicking. Pete had a right to complain about that. From what I’ve read the spectator at the Open was purposely trying to distract Pete, which is very poor sportsmanship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-D-Stinnett/27419752 Amanda D. Stinnett

     You can be a fat, drinking and smoking slob and be doing ANYTHING ….but not well. You must be one of those ignorant people that think race-car drivers aren’t athletes either and just “go in circles.”  Pathetic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TTPB32ZFNNDRGYGM4C4BO4AUE4 WH

     LMFAO I love it how you misspell “truly” just before calling ME ignorant and not too bright. What a freakin moron. And yes I DID bowl competitively for more than 25 years (not the 20 you stated so Im guessing your comprehension skills are pretty sad) and I still say, from that experience that if youre concentrating hard enough that distractions like that shouldnt bother you. And the fact that you use the term “throwing shots” tells ME you have absolutely no idea about the sport in question and therefore have no basis for argument.

    And I dont have to have EMPATHY for a guy who makes his living playing a game – I reserve that for people that actually deserve it


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JARYWCPONFVPHWA3Y7HYCYQIL4 Andy Brewer