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Friday, May 25, 2018

Jerkoff bowler Pete Weber gets angry with crowd for moving (Video)

Pete Weber won the U.S. Open for a record fifth time in his career Sunday, and he did so in his typical jerkoff fashion. Known on tour for being rude and unlikable, Weber showed the fans what he is all about by yelling at some of them throughout the day. He got upset with some spectator(s) for moving in his peripheral vision during his semifinal match against Jason Belmonte, and he later complained about the same fan during his finals match against Mike Fagan.

Of course, this is nothing new for Weber; his most notable YouTube clip is one of him yelling at a photographer during play:

Listen here, Weber, you’re a freaking bowler. So what if a few people happen to scratch their noses or rub their pants in your peripherals? Get over it, bro. You should be happy you actually have people paying to watch you roll a ball.

His celebration after winning it all is also worth a look:

Tell me he doesn’t watch Big Ern McCracken before matches for inspiration.

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