Carmelo Anthony’s stop snitching drug video resurfaces in anti-Obama talks

carmelo lala anthonyWhat was supposed to be a joyous time for Carmelo Anthony turned into one where his past mistakes were rehashed. The five-time NBA All-Star was stoked to be a guest at President Barack Obama’s “Obama Classic” basketball-themed fundraiser on Wednesday, but instead he’s being mentioned in anti-Obama campaign talks because of his appearance in a 2004 “Stop Snitching” video.

Melo made headlines when he appeared in an underground “Stop Snitching” video in his hometown of Baltimore, Md., in 2004. The video preached police defiance and discouraged viewers from snitching on drug dealers by threatening them with violence. Melo’s appearance in the video suggested a tacit approval of its message. He denied that was the case.

“You watch music videos all day and see that,” he said. “You could say the same thing if I was in a music video. I’m not really concerned about it. … I don’t hang with drug dealers. I surround myself with good people.”

Melo’s appearance in the ’04 video has fueled recent anti-Obama talks.

The Weekly Standard published a blog post on Wednesday titled “Obama Fundraises with Maker of Pro-Drugs ‘Stop Snitchin’ Video.” The Washington Free Beacon expressed similar thoughts two weeks prior in a piece called “Stop Snitchin’, Start Donatin’.

I guess we can never underestimate the ability of people to dig up old dirt. That video was made eight years ago when Melo was 20 years old. I’m guessing he’d like to take it back. And even though he’s not exactly the most likable fellow in the sports world, he has worked hard to repair his image and stay out of trouble.

I was extraordinarily harsh on Melo in 2007 for his appearance in the video, but five years later even I’ve moved on. Maybe it’s time for everyone else to unless he gives us a reason to bring it back.

You can see a clip of the Stop Snitching video below, but be warned: it contains offensive content and language:

Photo credit: Carmelo Anthony/Twitter

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  • stargazeman

    Then get loud and get proud Carmelo by saying on National TV, Radio, Youtube and the Net that:

    You denounce the prison worship mentality that has taken hold of your culture—that includes encouraging thugs to hurt people that try to make their neighborhoods better.

    Do it, or shut up forever….Like Juan Williams wrote in his book 5 years ago about this whole culture  “ENough”….

    Man up or shut up…people are sick of Black stars, politicians, actors, authors, and reverands not doing the right thing…meanwhile Black youth continues to kill each other.  Quit the blame game and take action for once…put an end to this snitches nonsense—even if you claim you didnt make the video Carmelo, your names all over it now—denounce it or live with it.