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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Charles Barkley: Jets Players Should Show up to Meeting Barefoot

With the New York Jets backing into the playoffs for the second straight season on Sunday, it seems Rex Ryan’s little foot fetish situation remains a bigger news story than his team’s postseason berth.  One guy who always seems to make people feel better when he’s not flipping them off is Charles Barkley.  On Monday, Barkley told the Dan Patrick Show that he would “have the FCC light up like a Christmas tree if he shared his fetishes over the air.  He also said he loves Rex Ryan and would be having some fun with the situation if he was a Jets player.

“Oh yeah, you have got to (joke around about it),” Barkley said. “Well if I was on that team, the next meeting I would have every player and every coach come in without shoes on, something like that. Dan, that is the best thing about playing sports is the time you make fun of each other. Everybody comes in without their shoes on, something like that.”

This coming from the guy who admitted he took money from agents while in college, so we know he likes to relate to people as best he can.  We may not have heard about it, but I’m sure the Jets have been ribbing Rex about the situation.  It’s not like he’s Bill Belichick and gives off the impression that he’s a stiff.  Ryan is always joking around and seems to be having fun, so I’m sure his players feel comfortable giving him a hard time.

On the flip side — if they haven’t already done it, Rex can thank Barkley for giving them a great idea.

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