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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cris Collinsworth Rescued from Floating Restaurant That Broke Loose

I suppose this isn’t the strangest thing I’ve heard on a Saturday morning — maybe. When Jeff Ruby’s Waterfront restaurant broke free and starting drifting down the Ohio River on Friday evening, firefighters were called to rescue 83 patrons who were dining inside the restaurant.  Among the rescued was Sunday Night Football’s Cris Collinsworth.

According to the Associated Press, via Pro Football Talk, the barge-sitting restaurant traveled 85-to-100 feet down the flowing river before getting caught up on a bridge.  A rear line kept tension on the barge until emergency personnel arrived, at which point they proceeded to rescue the patrons one by one using life vests and “precariously perched ladders and ropes.”

We’re happy to hear that Collinsworth — who was reportedly not wearing his cat costume — and the other patrons got out safely. If you ask me, this incident proves that there’s really no need for restaurants to sit on top of an actual river.  The view is just fine from spots along the river bank.  I don’t see the need to challenge mother nature while you’re trying to sit down for a nice meal.  Hey, that’s just me.

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