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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Derek Jeter Interested in Bob Vila’s Manhattan Penthouse?

If you’re a sports fan who watches ESPNEWS, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Bob Vila. He’s the tool always telling you to buy that stupid Bellawood flooring. This guy isn’t just telling you to buy the flooring, he’s selling you that buying those floors will turn your living room into an upgraded version of the Sistine freaking Chapel. I don’t know about you, but if I have a few Gs to throw around, spending it on Bellawood flooring is lower on my list than renting a donkey for the sole purpose of having it kick me in the shnuts. But enough of the Bob Vila rant. The reason I bring him up is because Derek Jeter is house hunting, and the folks at Curbed believe he’s looking at Bob Vila’s old place.

The New York Post reported that Jeter made two visits to the penthouse at 15 E. 26th St. in Manhattan. Curbed realized that it must be the same $5.7 million unit Vila put up for sale earlier in the month. What’s interesting is that last month Jeter rented a second apartment in the Trump World Tower because his neighbors were too noisy. Now it appears he may want out of the Tower and into 15 Madison Square North.

Here’s a description of the property based on the listing and a few pictures:

With 49 linear feet on the park and ceiling heights up to 12’4″, huge windows frame southern views of the iconic Flatiron Building, and Metropolitan Life clock tower. Conceived as five room, two bedrooms plus a home office with three rooms facing the park, the flexible floor plan allowed the current owners to open a wall between the living room with a gas fireplace and the second bedroom creating a massive expanse of public space fronting the park with unobstructed views.

Photo Credit: NY Curbed

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