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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kentucky fan’s prosthetic leg found at sea by shrimp boat, claimed by ex-Wildcat

The story of a Kentucky fan’s prosthetic leg that was found at sea by a shrimp boat captain has a happy ending.

On Thursday, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported about a shrimp boat captain who caught a prosthetic leg that had a Kentucky logo and motto on it. The unusual find was a first for captain Matt Willingham.

“We’ve caught (portable toilets), boat trailers and crab traps,” Willingham told the Daily News. “This was the first to catch a prosthetic leg.”

At the time of the report, Willingham was hoping for the leg’s owner to step forward. It looks like that has happened.

Walter’s Wildcat World says the leg belongs to former Wildcat football player Fred Robinson, who claimed his leg on Thursday night. Wildcat World says Robinson, a Kentucky native, lost his leg in a work-related accident in 2007, and that he recently moved to Florida. Robinson lost the leg while out boating and had given up hope of getting the $30,000 limb back until hearing about the reports on Thursday.

When he heard that authorities feared the leg belonged to a deceased person, Robinson reportedly gave a great response.

“Ain’t nobody dead. Just give me back my leg.”

Willingham and Robinson were set to meet on Friday to make the exchange. Meanwhile, we’re learning that prosthetic legs are the true sign of fan dedication.

H/T Kentucky Sports Radio, SB Nation

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