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Monday, May 21, 2018

Video: Boston Radio Host Asks Madonna if Alex Rodriguez Has a Painting of Himself as a Half-Man, Half-Horse in His House

For those of us who have experienced the Toucher and Rich Morning Show on Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub, the craziest question Madonna was asked at the Super Bowl on Thursday came as no surprise.  I’m sure Madonna has fielded questions that are much more bizarre than the one Rich Shertenlieb threw at her in Indianapolis, but probably not in a sports setting.  As only Shertenlieb or his partner Fred Toettcher would do, Rich decided to ask Madonna if the rumors about Alex Rodriguez having a painting that depicts himself as a half-man, half-horse in his house are true.  Here is a video of the exchange that The Nosebleeds passed along:

I’m not sure what would have been more embarrassing: the answer she gave about the picture of her on a horse or if she just simply said “yes, he does.”  Now we know A-Rod has (or had) a large picture of Madonna laying on a horse in his house.  In addition, he may or may not have a picture of himself depicted as a centaur.

Kudos to Shertenlieb for traveling all the way to Indianapolis to ask a question like that.  Considering these are the game guys who hung up on the legendary Bill Walton, a question of that nature was expected.

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