Mark Cuban live-tweets while passing kidney stone

Mark-CubanPassing a kidney stone is said to be one of the most painful processes a person can experience, including child birth. Don’t believe me? Just ask Cosmo Kramer about it. So when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had a kidney stone this week, he was understandably looking for any possible distraction. That included live-tweeting while attempting to pass the stone.

Cuban first mentioned the stone on Wednesday morning.

Cuban went on to retweet a few music-related items before resuming to tweet about his kidney stone about 12 hours later.

Cuban shut down his Twitter for the night after that tweet, and likely endured an extremely painful evening. On Wednesday morning, he was back to tweeting technology-related items like usual, until he finally had a breakthrough:

Between live-tweeting passing a kidney stone to throwing virtual haymakers at Donald Trump, Cubes certainly keeps his Twitter account entertaining. We’re glad he was able to pass the stone, and we certainly do not envy what he went through. That must have been an agonizing process.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerald-Veselsky/1112034285 Gerald Veselsky

    My dr told me i had a couple of kidney stones, but he couldnt tell me when they were coming. He did tell me a story when he was working at mcneal hospital in berwyn illionois. A cop came in crying he was in so much pain from his kidney stone, im like oh great this thing is going to kill me!!! LOL. Well months later im golfing im on the back 9 i go to the bathroom and its spraying all over that has never happened before but no pain. Then on the 15th hole my side starts hurting, then the pain travels and its getting worse i can barely swing the club, i do finish the round try to go to the bathroom, nothing and couldnt get my shorts back on i was in so much pain. They had to call an ambulance because i couldnt walk, they get me in there and the medic gives me morphine and it was such a rush i hope to never get that again but the pain is still there. I asked the medic am i being a baby he said no he had guys jumping off the strtcher they are in so much pain. They get me to the hospital put me on demural and i pass the stones and dont even feel no pain, who ever invited that i have to say thank you!!!! They say its like giving birth for a man, well if thats true i would never have more than 1 baby, woman are so much tougher than us!!!