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Friday, May 25, 2018

Matador Gored in the…Ouch

And the bull wins, again.  I’m not sure how you’d rank this against the matador getting gored through the neck, but it’s no walk in the park.  What you’re looking at above is exactly what it appears to be — a picture of a matador being gored in the scrotum.  Gulp.  I can’t think of many things in life that would be worse than that.

It’s tough to feel badly for El Juli of Spain or any other matador who gets messed up when toying with a bull.  I’ll never understand why they do what they do or why anyone would participate in the Running of the Bulls.  The more stories I see like this, the more respect I have for the matador who fled the ring instead of standing up to the bull.  It’s nice to know that someone comes to their senses every now and then.

Another bullfight goring photo to make you wince (or cheer, whatever) [Out of Bounds]

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