‘Midget Wrestling’ Causing a Stir

I’ve presented the new sport of midgets in MMA previously on the site. I’ve also relayed the chronicles of the Dwarf Games held in Seattle over the summer, in case you missed it. But one new, cutting edge sport to which I was not previously privy, is “midget wrestling.” An LBS insider informs me that certain universities have frowned upon campus organizations hosting such events recently. After taking a look at the event in question, I can’t understand why …

What do these esteemed universities have against this display? How is it any dumber or cheesier than what you see in WWE? Would you not be laughing at these guys for the same exact reason you would laugh at Rick Flair? Because they have ridiculous personalities and exceedingly exaggerated fake combat? I didn’t see anyone complaining when Nacho Libre was getting his ass kicked by those tag-team little men. What’s the problem now? Aside from the terminology which can be offensive (the m-word), what’s the issue? How come I’m missing out on all the fuss?

Also picked up by The Wiz and 100% Injury Rate oh, I dunno, about two months ago while I was living in an internet-less cave.

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  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    HAHAHAHAHAHA That would be freaking hilarious!

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    I’m not interested, but if participants are willing and people are wanting to pay to see it then let them go. People who are “offended” are idiots. Same as women who think models are exploited. That is collectivist thinking. How can one person doing something non harmful be exploitation of another person?

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  • http://www.allaboutmidgets.typepad.com Funny Midgets

    Oh man, I love midgets. They are so damn funny. In a future life, I want to be reincarnated as a championship midget wrestler.

    Adorable little midgets! If you’re a fellow midget lover, check out this blog that’s devoted to nothing but funny midget pics and news. Hey, there’s a site out there for everyone, right?!?