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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rice’s Mascot Gets Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

If there’s one thing that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s definitely mascot folly. We haven’t had a ton of it lately unfortunately, leaving me to watch the Oregon Duck/Houston Cougar fight to get my fix. But on Wednesday night in the Rice/Tulane game, Rice’s Sammy the Owl got the heave-ho from referee Quick Draw Curtis Shaw, whose reputation precedes him.

I dunno, pretty hard to act tough when you’re suited up in an owl costume. I guess I understand where he’s coming from — he probably has a serious case of mascot envy. Honestly, how much rhino balls would it suck to be an owl when the other mascots in your conference are ferocious beasts like Tigers, Mustangs, and Cougars? He must have had a lot of pent up frustration he let out with the headbutt on Shaw. And credit to Carter Blackburn for absolutely nailing the call! By the way, who knew that Ben Braun was coaching Rice these days?!?

Thanks to FanHouse via Ballhype for the vid

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