Surfer Bethany Hamilton Has a Crush on Tim Tebow

Is there a more eligible and sought-after bachelor in the world right now than Tim Tebow? We know the fans love him for what he brings on the field, but Tebow has become an extremely hot commodity off the field as well. I guess the choir boy lifestyle will do that for you. After all, if you can’t bring Tim Tebow home to meet your parents then whom could you bring?

At the site of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii just before the weekend, we were introduced to the latest lovely lady who is crushing on Teebs. Surfer Bethany Hamilton, a 21-year-old who is known for continuing to surf after a shark took her entire left arm, was disappointed when she learned Tebow would not be attending the Pro Bowl.

“I’m hoping someone here can help me get in touch with him,” she said according to NFL.com.

There was no follow-up so we aren’t sure if her request was granted, but the odds are certainly stacked against Hamilton.  We learned near Christmas time that Lindsay Vonn is not opposed to dating Tebow, but nothing has come of that.  Katy Perry has not been shy about how highly she thinks of Timmy and Kim Kardashian reportedly took a run at him as well.  Better take a number, Bethany.

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  • Anonymous

    Chilax man.Tim isnt better than Katy Perry.Do you know him personally?You have no idea what he does behind closed doors.Virgin yes but I am sure he isnt uptight enough to avoid Katy.Maybe fyi he isnt even her type. He isnt Prince Harry you know.Who is good enough for your precious  Timmy.I hope he pisses you off and the whole right wing wackos and  marries the ugliest black chick ever or maybe even a man.So sick of holier than thou are Christian attitude.Faith Hill divorced and later found the love of her life as well as many other.You and Tim Tebow arent better than Katy Perry.

  • Anonymous

    By the way being a 24 year virgin I am sure he masturbates 10 times a day cos all man do.And I am sure he does to girls like KK and Katy Perry.You know he does.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EFEW7PUOVHQLEGKABLFZMP3IB4 Matt

    Actually there is no biblical proof that Mary Magdeline was a former prostitute.  It is merely assumption she was the woman cast down in the dirt before him in the book of John.  Still a good point though.  Tebow would also be the last one calling all the other girls whores and the first to be praying for their souls and choices.  Maybe if many of the people who have posted on this site were true fans of Tebow and Jesus they would follow suit.