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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tom Brady Dreamed of Being Able to Wear Socks Once and Throw Them Away

Don’t worry, folks: the Super Bowl is almost here. These next three days will be long ones, but we’ll all get through them together. Just think, when you finished watching the Giants overtime victory over the Niners back in January the big game was a full 14 days away. We’re in the home stretch. But until that time comes, let’s talk about Tom Brady’s socks.

In one of those “pass the time” feature stories that was written by Elizabeth Merrill of ESPN.com, we learned some interesting and entertaining information about Tom Brady. For example, he has a tendency to call his male teammates “babe” and likes to eat hummus and go surfing. Clearly, he’s a Cali bro. What I found to be particularly interesting is the information that Brady’s former Michigan teammate, tight end Aaron Shea, shared about No. 12’s dreams in college.

“‘If I hit it real big,'” Shea recalled Brady telling him, “‘I want to be able to wake up, put a pair of socks on, and at the end of the day, I throw ’em away.’

“I’m like, ‘That’s all you want?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want. I love new socks.'”

Mission accomplished.  Given some of the things we’re hearing about Brady and Gisele’s new mansion and its heated toilet seats, I’m guessing he has 365 pairs of brand new socks sitting in his house somewhere.  When you’re a multimillionaire with dreams that are are that simple, you truly can have it all. As for all those “old” pairs of socks that have only been subjected to a 16-hour workday, let’s just hope they find their way to the Salvation Army.

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