Todd Haley Knows He Is Screwing Your Fantasy Team

Fantasy football owners know the worst possible thing you could hear about one of your players is “out for the season.” Owners will also tell you that the second most dreaded phrase in fantasy land is “running back by committee.” If you have a running back, you want him getting the bulk of the carries and scoring the bulk of the touchdowns, not sharing it with somebody else. Such is the case with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Running back Jamaal Charles is beginning to prove himself as a serious play maker with the ability to take it to the house at any moment. Contrarily, the Chiefs also signed Thomas Jones in the off-season who is known for his strength and durability but not his big-play capabilities. Most fantasy owners shied away from Thomas Jones in drafts figuring Charles was the up-and-comer, but they’ve been disappointed by the timeshare throughout the preseason and in week one.

Charles seems to be the better back and was the more prized fantasy commodity, but as long as coach Todd Haley continues to split the carries fantasy owners will be upset. It doesn’t matter much to Haley though, as he said “It’s a good problem to have. Now, in the fantasy football world I could see it being a bad problem to have. But we’re worried about the Kansas City Chiefs and what we need to do to win.” Worst part is he knows he’s screwing you.

You know what though? No position gets injured quicker in the NFL than running backs. Anything that prolongs a player’s career or keeps him healthy I support. I also don’t have T.J. or Charles on my fantasy team either!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    It could be worse. He could begin to rotate the starter from week to week and not tip his hat as to who it would be each game. A la Mike Shanahan, creator of the two back system that screws fantasy coaches.

  • http://www.fantasybaseballdugout.com Jonathan Bentz

    Mike Shanahan is definitely the biggest bane of a fantasy footballer’s existence. Thomas Jones has had touchdown vulture written all over him since he signed in KC. If you own Charles and have a flex spot, you might want to get your hands on TJ and play him, too.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about fantasy players. Fantasy football kills the real spirit of football which is team. Fantasy football coaches are even bigger losers than us armchair QB’s. When you break a sport down to stats and individual players you miss the most important parts of any team sport which are team and heart. Thats why a team like the Chiefs can beat a team llike the Chargers. All the talent in the world can’t help a lazy team or a QB with a bad attitude…