Brett Favre dreamed of playing for Dallas Cowboys

Before leaving for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre was considered an iconic Green Bay Packers player. He probably is still viewed that way by many. But did you know that Favre was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan growing up and that he dreamed of playing for the organization?

Favre spoke at an SMU luncheon on Friday and reflected about the Packers’ difficulties beating the Cowboys in the playoffs. He also said that despite being born and raised in Mississippi, the struggles of the New Orleans Saints led him to become a Cowboys fan.

“I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan. I loved Roger Staubach,” Favre said via the Dallas Morning News’ Jon Machota. “That was back when teams kept the same players on the roster for a long time. Drew Pearson, Randy White, Charlie Waters, Danny White, Robert Newhouse, Tony Dorsett, Billy Joe DuPree, I could go just on and on. I always dreamed of playing for the Cowboys, playing in the Super Bowl.”

Favre ended up playing in the Super Bowl twice and winning one, though it was with the Packers. I’m sure he’s not complaining about that. This might be old news, but I didn’t know that Favre was a huge Cowboys fan growing up. It’s funny to think that one of most iconic Packers of all time always wanted to play for one of their NFC rivals.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/FB4Cat Cleveland Wilson

    I used to love reading these types of stories, dreaming of all of those stars, hometown and otherwise becoming Dallas Cowboys and helping my team back to the Superbowl. It’s taken far too long, but finally I have learned to discount these stories and NOT indulge in pointless day dreams. So, Player X wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy, whether it was former Free Agent Michael Huff or potential Draft Pick Whatshisname, and now a former great. Who gives a flying fig? This is just a meth hit type of story that takes away from the fact that we have a part time GM whom should be fired cause he’s stealing from an otherwise world class owner. To bad they are one and the same and the Owner can’t bring himself to at least hire himself a full time GM to help manage things for that aging part time GM.

  • SpinMax

    I don’t think packer fans would be shocked. what player doesn’t want to be a cowboy