Jets Already Selling Brett Favre Jerseys

Yes, it’s true. Not even half an hour between the time SportsCenter went live with their mention of Jay Glazer’s report that the Jets had traded for Brett Favre did the team’s official site begin hawking Brett Favre merchandise.

Brett Favre Jets Jersey

Now you might be wondering how I came across such information knowing full well that I’m neither a Favre nor a Jets fan. Interestingly enough, I was hanging out Wednesday night, pleased that Favre finally got traded, only to receive a text message from my good buddy Trevor Leb who’s currently living in New York. Being the proper sports fan that he is, you can only imagine the content of the message: “I just made the biggest impulse buy of my life … 2 season tix to the NY Jets!” Ticket prices must have skyrocketed from the time that he made his purchase until now. And the Jets’ first home game is against the Patriots — Brett Favre vs. Tom Brady? Are you kidding me?!

So yeah, that didn’t take long … less than an hour after the trade was reported, the Jets site was already hawking Brett Favre Jets jerseys. Nice. As for those Brett Favre Buccaneers jerseys, you ask? Probably on their way to Nicaragua right about now.

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  • http://viewbottom.blogspot.com GreggyD

    If we thought that there was too much Favre in the news as it was, now that he’s playing in New York, that’s all we’ll see/hear about. Kill me now please.

  • SpinMax

    Well this means that the late season flex schedule will be all Favre all the time. That’s no good. I once saw Rasheed Wallace Atlanta Hawks jerseys in a discount store for $5 apiece. :^P Didn’t buy one but a few years earlier in the same store I purchased a san diego chargers super bowl 29 champions shirt.

  • Jeff J

    I’m sure the networks are working hard to get Jets games on their national Sunday schedules now. Up until yesterday, they were probably doing everything they could to NOT have Jets games broadcast nationally.

  • http://squidoo.com/brettfavrejetsjersey Taylor

    Makes you wonder if gas prices might have driven old Brett back into the game. I mean really, the pump prices are making everyone a little wacko and Brett is no exception.

  • Gene

    Trevor ought to sell his tickets for the Patriots game while Jet seats are in demand. After the Jets open the season at Buffalo, host the Pats, and then visit the Chargers, the demand for Jets tickets for this season will begin to diminish.

    Favre is not going to turn the Jets into instant winners. He will find the AFC much tougher than the NFC. Basically, NE, Indy and San Diego are almost locks for the playoffs. Jax and Pitt are pretty good as well, so there are’nt too many playoff opportunities out there to begin with.

  • Jeff J

    Did anyone else notice that Brett Favre is on the cover of the new Madden 09 game, and he’s in his Packers uniform. Oh, the folks over at EA Sports must be going crazy.

  • http://mona-whatswrong.blogspot.com/2008/08/bretts-jet.html Bruinmom

    Brett is messing with the retirement gods. That’s just bad juju. He gave up what we all live for – the opportunity to not have to work every day. That’s just wrong.

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