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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Brett Favre on Super Bowl: Being the only show in town was a big thing for me

You didn’t expect Brett Favre to keep quiet for an entire playoff run, did you?  Football fans witnessed a miracle during the 2011 season. Favre did not — to our knowledge — contemplate coming out of retirement.  The idea was kicked around a few times when Matt Schaub went down, but that was more media speculation than anything.  That doesn’t mean Favre wasn’t antsy.

“This’ll be my first year removed from playing,” Favre said during an interview with 1340 The Fan in Lubbock. “I get the question all the time: Do you miss it? I really, in all honesty, have not, but once the playoffs came around, especially (last) week, and in years past as well, this is kind of the time the juices get flowing again.

“Even in past years, when I wasn’t in the Super Bowl, I wished I was. This week was really no different than in years past, but as far as the regular season went, I didn’t miss it a bit. … It kind of started out for me, in my career, when we got to play on a prime time setting … that was kind of the start to the Super Bowl lead-up. Just being the only show in town was a big thing for me.”

Is that last line Favre in a nutshell or what? Everyone enjoys playing for a championship, but only Favre could phrase it so gracefully. This is a guy who flip-flopped between retirement and unretirement several times, and you’d have to be extremely naive to think he didn’t love every minute of the media blitz that came along with it. It is only fitting that Brett the Packer, Brett the Jet, and Brett the Viking would admit he enjoyed the extra attention that came with the Super Bowl.

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