Buy Your Tim Tebow Tebowing Christmas Card Now (Picture)

With just two weeks to go until Christmas, it’s about that time of year where everyone is frantically scrambling. Gift ideas can sometimes be impossible to come by. Fortunately, Tim Tebow is fresh on everyone’s mind this holiday season with the way he has played as of late. Why not pick up a Tebow Jesus jersey and pair it with a Tebowing Christmas card?  The latter can be purchased on EBay.com for the affordable price of $15.00. Check it out:

What more could you ask for?  Some people may be getting tired of the Tebowing craze by now after seeing this NBA star, this soccer player, and this NFL player all doing it, but this Christmas card is authentic.  Tebow himself praying alongside a baby in a manger?  I just ordered two dozen.

Thanks to Image CPR for passing the product along.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Hubbard/1276400123 Charles Hubbard

    Is Tim Tebow bowing to HONOR GOD or bowing to HONOR NIKE for victory? Over 2000 years ago, people sacrificed to and worshipped the pagan goddess NIKE in order to be granted victory! And many people still worship NIKE today in Neo-Paganism… the Air Force Academy just a short drive from Tebow has a Pagan Worship Circle!!! That is why the NIKE sportswear company is named NIKE… because of that pagan goddess which is also a demon! They sacrificed to demons that are not God, to gods they never heard of. These were new gods, who came from nearby, gods your ancestors never worshiped. – Deuteronomy 32:17 People who wear and promote NIKE sportswear honor the name that pagan goddess / demon NIKE. But I will not! I will HONOR the NAME of the LORD. That is Who Tim Tebow honors when he bows. But sadly… some Christians honor the name of the pagan goddess NIKE by what they wear! God is NOT pleased with billions of demonic NIKE products promoting paganism and its negative impact felt around the world! So let’s make this clear… Tim bows to God for victory… not the pagan goddess!

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the exact same thing