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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Carson Palmer fist bumps referee after Cardinals get favorable calls


Carson-Palmer-fist-bump-refArizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has been in the NFL for a long time. Like many other 11-year veterans, he probably has a strong relationship with several of the league’s officials. However, giving one a fist bump after a favorable call might seem a bit too chummy to some.

Palmer exchanged a pound with referee Pete Morelli after a crucial call went Arizona’s way in the third quarter of a win over the Detroit Lions. It came after a roughing the passer call resulted in a first down on a drive that ended with a field goal and the Cardinals cutting Detroit’s lead to 21-19.

Believe it or not, this stuff happens a lot. Refs and players pat each other on the butts from time to time — it doesn’t mean they’re in cahoots. Palmer had just taken a big hit so Morelli could have simply been asking him if he was alright.

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