Chris Johnson basically says he prefers the Hall of Fame to a Super Bowl ring

Chris Johnson is looking to bounce back with a vengeance in 2012 after putting together an incredibly disappointing season last year. His confidence has been through the roof this offseason, which is all that should matter to Titans fans at this particular moment. That being said, if Johnson falters again this year and people begin piling on, a recent comment he made could come back to haunt him.

When asked if he would rather win a Super Bowl or be inducted into the Hall of Fame during a recent interview with WGFX The Zone in Nashville, Johnson gave the following response.

“If I choose Hall of Fame speech, everyone’s going to feel like I’m selfish, but then again if I choose Super Bowl, then I’m kind of not going to reach my goal,” Johnson said according to Sports Radio Interviews. “But I feel if I get my Super Bowl ring, it’ll be a better chance of me making the Hall of Fame.”

LaDainian Tomlinson said the same thing recently, but it’s a lot easier to say when you’re retired and never won a ring than if you’re entering only your fifth season in the league.

As a fan, you want to believe that your star player’s number one priority is winning a Super Bowl. Johnson made it clear that if he simply wins a Super Bowl, he’s not achieving his goal. Of course he wants to win a Super Bowl, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he wanted to win one for himself as a stepping stone to the Hall of Fame rather than for the fans and the Titans organization. Based on recent history, it’s probably safe to say Johnson isn’t too fond of the fans in Tennessee anyway.

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  • Gerardo Villarreal

    I heard the interview and that is not true… 

  • SteveDelVecchio

    Can you explain? It’s possible I misinterpreted the quote but it certainly seemed like he was saying that, especially since he said he’s “kind of not going to reach my goal” by winning a Super Bowl.

  • dsexton

    You must not have heard the entire interview. you’re just another media person taking things out of context. Get your facts straight, then report about it… IN THAT ORDER!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yes, we heard the interview, and it’s obvious he’s saying the Hall of Fame is a bigger goal for him.