Cris Collinsworth predicts Chargers will lose on sack play before it happens

Cris Collinsworth correctly predicted the ending of the Chargers-Saints game on Sunday night after noticing that San Diego left tackle Jared Gaither could hardly move.

Gaither was beaten by Saints defensive end Martez Wilson on a 2nd and 10 play which forced Philip Rivers to release the ball earlier than he wanted to. The result was an incompletion leaving San Diego in a 3rd and 10 situation with 19 seconds left.

“Gaither looks lame,” said Collinsworth while analyzing a replay of the second down play. “He’s going to have to get some help here or Wilson’s going to get a sack to end this game. They have to realize now that Jared Gaither’s really hurt. He’s having a tough time moving.”

Sure enough, Wilson beat Gaither on the play and recorded a sack, strip, and fumble recovery to give New Orleans the ball and their first win of the season, 31-24 over the Chargers.

This is the exact reason why I enjoy Collinsworth as an analyst. Unlike other broadcasters who speak in generalities and cliches, Collinsworth actually watches the game and reacts to what he sees in front of him. He’s not using planned lines to describe players, he’s calling things based on what’s unfolding. And in that situation, he could tell Gaither was injured and that the Chargers would be in trouble if they didn’t replace him. He was right.

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  • JamesT32

    An astute observation on his part, but worth crafting an entire article around given that the obviously injured and apparently dense Gaither could barely stand at that point?  Uh, no.  Not to completely burst your bubble, but I’d point out to you that not all football fans simply sit and stare at the football for three hours when watching a game.  Some of us are aware that other things are happening on every play and actually notice them from time to time. 

  • Mya Lewis

    Larry, everybody who was watching the replay of the second-to-last play saw how badly Gaither was hurt and how difficult it was for him to move. So Collinsworth was only stating the obvious.

    What is dumbfounding is that none of the Chargers coaches (or Rivers) did anything about it before that final busted play. 

    And I completely agreed with Collinsworth’s criticism that Gaither should’ve taken himself out of the game once he knew he was hurt. He was absolutely at fault for not making the right call at the right time.

  • JamesT32

    lol  Thanks for echoing my sentiments, but I had basically already covered that ground.