Broncos LB D.J. Williams Does Not Think Tebowing Is Cool

Perhaps all that time Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams spent in a hyperbaric chamber recently has taken away from his sense of humor.  As you all must know by now, a new sensation is sweeping the nation: Tebowing.  Fans across the country have been dropping down to one knee and praying in the most random situations just to get their Tebow on.  Denver’s Von Miller even got in on the fun, but it sounds like we won’t see Williams joining the fad any time soon.  Here is D.J. on Twitter raining on a Broncos fan’s parade for Tebowing.

Lighten up, bro. The fan, whose Twitter handle is @MsDenverBRONCOS, then tweeted at Williams that she was only kidding, to which he responded: “Too late :)”  I’m not even a Tebow fan (sorry, L.B.)  and I think Tebowing is hilarious.  Do we sense a little jealousy?

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  • Anonymous

    Which God is everyone down on one knee for? (and why not two?)

    Christian Religion, there is only One God, who is
    a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

    In the Jewish Religion, there is only one
    God, Jehovah. In deference to Judaism, G_d is the correct spelling.

    In the Islamic Religion, there is only one
    God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Allah has no intermediaries, no
    spouse, no children, and thus, Allah is One.

    In the Sikh Religion, there is only One,
    Hari; who has many names and many forms.

    In the Buddhist Religion, there are many Buddha’s,
    but not all Buddhists are deists or worshippers of Idols of Buddha. The first
    Buddha to attain enlightenment is Gautama Buddha, who is worshipped as a God in
    some strands of Buddhism.

    In the Hindu Religion, there is one Formless
    God and a trinity of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer Gods. 

    There are many other gods and consorts.

    In the Parsee Religion, Zoroastrianism, there
    is Ormazd, sometimes called “Ahura Mazda” or simply
    “Mazda”, the most well known of their Gods. 

    There were other deities.

    African religion has many deities

    Mayan religion has many deities

    Ancient Greek and Roman religions all had deities

    The American Indians had their deities

    Australian Aboriginals had their Gods and the

    There were Norse Gods, Scandinavian Gods, Celtic
    Gods, Druidic Gods, along with nature religions also. 

    Where ever there is mankind, there you will
    find worshipers of the Divine.


  • Anonymous

    Your argument that certain people that do not believe in certain gods really has no relevance and certainly doesn’t suggest that Christians are Godless. Try not to muddy the truth to suit your personal atheistic agenda.

    God is personal to each and every person that approaches him. The only way to reach him is through prayer and faith, and the only way to understand the individual destiny is by reading the Bible with an open mind. So simple a concept yet so confusing to self-professed intellects when they try to mix “reason and logic” with faith. No magic and no smoke and mirrors. A personal understanding that is crystal clear in direct proportion to the faith of the believer. A true beginning to life and that is all.God Bless, Tim Tebow.