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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Steelers draft pick David DeCastro mistakenly thought Ben Roethlisberger was his traveling planner on the phone

Between congratulatory phone calls and planning for a brand new future, draft day can get extremely hectic for an NFL draft pick. Steelers first-round pick David DeCastro got a taste of that on Thursday, and the end result was an embarrassing moment. When the man DeCastro will be protecting next season called to congratulate him on being the newest addition to the team, DeCastro thought it was a Steelers official who would be handling his travel arrangements. Now, he’ll be in for quite a bit of ribbing from his teammates.

“He was saying, ‘Did you get those flight plans? Did you get those flight plans?'” Ben Roethlisberger said Saturday night at the 25th anniversary of the Blair County Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “I can’t wait once we get started to get on him about that.”

Roethlisberger said the former Stanford star realized who he was talking to after a few seconds. Most NFL rookies have to deal with something like carrying their teammates’ shoulder pads during their first NFL training camp. I’m sure DeCastro will have to put up with that stuff, but he’ll also have to hear “Hey, did you get those flight plans?” a few thousand times over the next four months.

If he’s half as good as they say he is, DeCastro should be able to get the veterans off his back in no time. However, if Roethlisberger feels like getting even with his new guard for the mix-up, David’s hair could end up looking like this before he knows it.

Photo credit: Vincent Pugliese-US PRESSWIRE

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