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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Former teammate says LeSean McCoy used to say ‘McCoy’ while juking people

LeSean McCoy is one of the most entertaining running backs to watch in all of football. A lot of backs are criticized for dancing around too much, but McCoy seems to do just enough dancing. He can completely switch fields and turn what looks like a broken play into a 20-yard gain. If you think you’re going to tackle him in the open field one-on-one, think again.

Andrew Taglianetti, a former defensive back and teammate of McCoy’s at Pittsburgh, knows all about trying to tackle one of the most elusive backs in the NFL. He described what McCoy used to be like during practice on his Twitter account Sunday night.

“In case anyone was wondering LeSean McCoy used to break my ankles all the time during practice,” Taglianetti wrote. “The best part of Shady shaking people in practice was he would say ‘McCoy’ as he jukes you. Absolutely fascinating.”

Now that’s what I call building a brand. As Osi Umenyiora can tell you in great detail, McCoy is no stranger to trash talk. But saying your own name as you fake someone out of their cleats? That’s fantastic and original. It must be frustrating for the defender since they’re the one getting juked, but how can you justify getting angry at someone over that? You can’t, which makes it even more brilliant. Hopefully McCoy has taken the trademark to the NFL with him.

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