When will the Giants beating the Patriots not come as a shock?

If the only football game you ever watched prior to Super Bowl 46 was the Patriots’ playoff victory against the Broncos this year, I could see why the outcome may have surprised you.  As for the rest of us, why should the Giants’ win over New England on Sunday come as any kind of shock?  Apparently the folks over at the NY Post had the Patriots winning this one big.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Giants ruin the Patriots’ undefeated season a few years back? Oh yeah, that was the 2007 edition of the Giants.  Didn’t this edition of the Giants beat New England at Gillette Stadium early this year?  Doesn’t this Giants team have almost as good a pass rush and a much better passing attack than the one that beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 42?  It’s clear that creating the enormous underdog illusion must have worked for the G-Men, but there’s really no need for the papers to play along.  New York was a three-point underdog, but anyone who was surprised by what they saw on Sunday night hasn’t been paying attention.

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  • Gene

    The Giants were the better team this year, but not by much.  All of their fumbles bounced their way and Gronk was injured and hardly con tributed to the Patriots’ offense.

     All four of the final teams could have won the Super Bowl if a few breaks went the other way.  This was the first year I can remember when four teams were so evenly matched.  Do not fall into the media trap of trying to overanalyze andy of the last three NFL playoff games.

    In 2007, (2008 Super Bowl) the Giants played a great game and yet they should have lost by four if Asante Samuel held on to a pass that Eli Manning threw right to him and David Tyree didn’t make the helmet catch, the best one of his career.