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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Will We Be Seeing Friar Glen Coffee?

Tim Tebow inspired the “friar” nickname with his jacked up rookie hazing haircut last weekend, but we may be seeing another friar for a different reason. Former Alabama running back and 49ers backup Glen Coffee shocked many people by deciding he was going to retire from football. The last impression Coffee left on the Niners was a poor one — he was berated by a coach for getting pancaked trying to block a linebacker.

Nobody really knows the story behind Coffee’s decision. He says he lost his passion for football while playing at Alabama, but perhaps he was feeling low after getting ripped by some coaches and decided he didn’t need the criticism anymore. Or maybe he’s decided to pursue another profession. That’s the suggestion given by Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Here’s what Rapoport tweeted: “Having covered 49ers RB Glen Coffee for 3 years, not surprised he retired. He has a higher call. Wouldn’t shock me if he headed to ministry.”

It wouldn’t shock you but it would shock many of us. This isn’t exactly a Pat Tillman situation, but if Coffee left pro football to become a minister, I’m sure there would be many surprised folks. The surprising aspect of Coffee’s decision is not where he’s going, but when; leaving in the middle of training camp suggests a quitting attitude. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart Scott Sicko style.

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